Tax Preparation: Individuals

Tax Preparation: Individuals

A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. Over the years literally 1000’s of Federal and State returns have been prepared and filed.


The fees charged vary for tax returns and tax planning according to the complexity of the tax preparation or income tax planning service. No, we are not a low-priced, mass-production “return mill”.

For income tax preparation we charge by the form — the more forms involved in a tax return, the more complex the return, the more time and attention the taxpayer’s situation requires and the higher the fee.

Income tax planning services are charged at an hourly rate – starting at $75 per hour. The more involved the planning, the higher the fee.

There is NO charge to review previously-filed tax returns to look for potential additional refunds. QB Tax Solutions will review up to the three most recently filed federal and state income tax returns, as part of our free Return Review service. In fact, for new clients we routinely ask to see at least the most recently filed federal and state returns. We will recommend preparation of an amended tax return if we can identify sufficient additional tax deductions to warrant the expenses (or if we determine there was unreported income or other tax items required to be reported).

Once we receive your filled-in tax data organizer, or have your information required to file an accurate tax return, we can prepare an estimate of the fees for tax preparation based on the forms it appears your tax preparation will require. You decide whether we proceed with your tax return preparation.

In payment we accept checks, cash, or money orders.